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How do you tell what gender other users are?

I do not know how to tell what gender some users are.

Did we put gender in when we register I forgot if we did?

Is there a way to look up someones gender?


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Gender based Marriage Vows

Was texting a member last night and the following popped out of my fingertips. On reflection I thought it was good. I believe it to be Biblical, and could defend it with texts, but it’s way too hot out, and most of y’all know ’em anyway, and if not, give a holler and I’ll dig ’em up. … *grin*

The idea is that regardless of the little phrases the pastor tends to repeat and have us say "I do" to, (did my "WOOF!" count?) when we marry we are making vows to be a Godly husband or wife according to the model laid down in Scripture. And in that regard, they are rather different and opposite but complementary. To wit:

What we find in the Bible is that in God’s model, a woman’s marital vow is about respect, submission, and exclusivity so long as the marriage lasts. Love is assumed due to her nature.

Au contraire, a man’s vow is about love, leadership, and longevity. Respect is assumed due to his nature.

Respectfully submitted for discussion,


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