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Salt Free Spirituality

Too much salt causes high blood pressure, or so I am told. Or maybe, Too much salt causes severre headaches via the mechanism of elevated blood pressure.

Is there a spiritual corollary? I wonder.

Have we fallen prey to a lying spirit telling us to take the words of Almighty God "with a grain of salt"?

"Do NOT worry about tomorrow. Your Father knows what you have need of." … Sorta. Take it with a grain of salt, and hedge your bets, stay up all night trying to cover every contingency. Yup. A bit more palatable with a grain or two of salt. Prudent, too, dontcha know?

"Great peace have they which love Thy law, and nothing shall offend them." … Sorta. Take that one with a coupla grains of salt. Whoever wrote it obviously didn’t have my ________ (kids, bitter half, boss, co-worker, tax bill, banker, in-laws, waistline …)!!! Why you should just SEE, or worse, HEAR them!!!"

Maybe best to go on a No Spiritual Salt Diet, and act just like it says. Might turn out to bring on less headaches, ya know?

Ummmm … this does NOT mean to tell that irritating person, "You know what? The Bible’s RIGHT!! You’re NOTHING, and you’re OFFENDING ME RIGHT NOW!!!"


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The Holiness of God…Free Download

A free download of the teachings by RC Sproul on "The Holiness of God" and a Study Guide are available for a limited time. Directly under the "100.7" logo there is the link "Free Audio Downloads from Ligioner Ministries" that will take you to a sign up page which will in turn lead you to the files you can save. I don’t know how long that link will be active so don’t wait too long to save the files to your computer…you can always listen to them some other time once you have them…



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