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Feelings in words

I have stuggled to find words to reflect my feelings on PM. I couldn’t find any art that captured the emotion I feel. I did however I did come up with this.

Your heart beats to a strange new rythm
Not mine
You sing a new song
Not the old one
You dance in a way you have never danced before
Not our dance

You ask me to share your new dance
and add steps to my own
You ask me to raise my voice and sing
A harmony of voices
You place my hand on your heart to feel the new beat
I do and fall into the new rythm
and Live


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Hello from England!

Hi everyone!

I joined this forum some months ago but I feel it’s about time I introduce myselfy. I am a Christian wife who loves the word of God and take it very seriously. I have been without church for a while now. My husband and I are looking for a place to fellowship. I long to be in church, but one thing that is making me hesitant is the definition of marriage to most Christians. About 6 months ago, miraculously God opened my eyes about polygyny. I used to absolutely think the whole practise of plural marriage was perverted and strange and could never see myself sharing my husband. I could not even think or imagine my husband with another woman. I even felt jealous to see him just looking at a beautiful woman. But to my own surprise, the Lord did a lot of work in my heart. I came to the knowledge that plural marriage is not a sin, and it pains me that many professing Christians, (in fact all that I know) believe that polygamy is wicked.

When I look around me, the more I see that polygyny makes so much sense. I have a friend who so desires marriage, she is in her mid 20’s but has had very bad experiences with men, including sexual abuse. Her recent boyfriend dumped her after treating her really bad. She has lived in our house in the past, our children adore her and she loves them as her own. She has no family of her own nearby and she considers our family her own. We feel the same about her. Recently the Lord put her on my heart, and for some reason I think it will be wonderful if my husband married her. Oh how I think it will be so cool! She is my best friend and we have been through so much together, she is closer to me than a sister. However my husband is not very keen on polygyny. He thinks its wrong. I have shared with him my beliefs and he strongly disagrees, though he can see where I am coming from. I even suggested he married my best friend to which he strongly denied, but he was amazed beyond measure that I went from being an insecure jealous possessive…


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Ever feel not good enough?

Okay so I guess today kinda marks a point at which I don’t know if I am strong enough to practice PM. I am feeling like I might not ever be good enough to be a SW because I am very extroverted and some have said that this personality type will not work in PM because of the discretion that is involved in PM. Then again I may just be having a second thought moment and I will be okay in the morning? I just want to know if any other ladies struggle with this feeling?


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