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Federal bigamy and anti-polygamy laws

After considering a recent ruling by a Federal Judge that the Federal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was unconstitutional because it interfered with States rights to define marriage; I started wondering about the Constitutionality of the Federal bigamy and anti-polygamy laws.

It seems obvious to me that the Federal bigamy and anti-polygamy laws dictate to States that they have to follow specific religious doctrinal guidelines when it comes to defining marriage. Clearly the Federal Government was never granted the powers to enact, much less enforce such laws governing marriage, by the Constitution. In fact the bigamy and anti-polygamy laws seem to contradict the spirit of the Constitution which grants the free practice of religion. If marriage isn’t a religious institution then I don’t know what is.


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Let’s get something started…

…we have a genuine opportunity here people.

The Federal Bigamy and anti-polygamy laws from the late 1800s were aimed at shutting down the Mormon Church and Utah’s ability to support and protect the Mormons, and quite frankly did a very thorough job of it. The Federal Government (those running it at the time) blatantly violated the very protection the Constitution was supposed to provide. But there has been a ruling in Massachusetts by a Federal Judge that has struck down the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) as unconstitutional because it violates States rights. This precedence is the swing of the pendulum that may finally grant the freedom many of us have been seeking for a long time. We must strike while the iron is hot and build momentum to overcome what has been hundreds of years of repression to those who wish to practice Biblical Marriage legally! With the Federal Government filing suit against Arizona and the overturning of DOMA the people of this country are seeing the Federal Government as antagonistic (be it right or wrong) and we will have a much more sympathetic electorate to appeal to at this point in time. We cannot waste this opportunity. Please get involved by sending a message of support to the Governor of Utah, and telling anyone you know to do the same.

Utah needs our support! The Governor needs to hear from people now and take decisive action to challenge these biased and unconstitutional Federal Laws. Please send him a message through his contact page:

Use this link if you would like a response from the Governor or his office:

Use this link to just leave a comment not requiring a response from the Governor or his office:

Here is the message I sent to him:


Dear Governor Herbert:

Considering the ruling by a Federal Judge in Massachusetts that the D.O.M.A. violates States rights in defining marriage, have you or a…


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