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If you teach bad doctrine in church. Then people listen, learn, regurgitate it. Then at some point they are confronted with the falsity of their views. They recoil in horror and discard the baby with the bathwater. Those who are too stupid to even understand how bad the doctrine is, stay and thus teach the bad doctrine on to the next generation and the idiocracy perpetuates itself.
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Doctrine trumps law?

A Federal Judge ruled that when a certain practice (in this case abuse) is defined within a religious organization’s doctrine that any such doctrine is beyond the discretion of the courts and therefore a protected practice…

http://jonathanturley.org/2010/08/12/sc … more-25666

Outside of a religious institution this type of activity is clearly illegal and criminal charges would quickly follow, but apparently as long as it is part of a church’s doctrine it is allowed. This begs the question; would this ruling not also apply to Warren Jeffs since he was apparently operating in his official capacity following their church doctrine? Personally I don’t agree with the FLDS doctrine, but my point is that the same case this judge made for not ruling against Scientology could very easily be an argument used by the FLDS or any other "religious" organization for that matter.

The more I look into these kind of things the more it seems to me that we really are a lawless society, and the government simply uses whatever laws it thinks appropriate at the time to persecute whoever they feel like picking on at the moment…


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Site Description: Christianity forum

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