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Prayer for direction

I need prayers for direction from GOD. I am new to the truth of Plural marriage which my church is against. I am a Priest in the Anglican (Episcopal) church in Nigeria. I know that this will definitely lead to sanctions from the church because I intend to start teaching people the truth of Plural Marriage. Now, the church have approved ordination for women and I am not in support of this.
I am now considering leaving the church instead of getting myself distracted from GOD’s work through summons, queries and the like. Please pray for me.


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Prayer for Direction and a New Job

Well, I am almost done with school and getting ready to graduate with my BS in Business Management. My goal is Human Resources, but at this point I desire to move to a job with a future and that will use my degree. I have a few irons in the fire and would love it if you all pray for me that God would show me his will for what comes next.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers.



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