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Australian Issue – Gay Marriage Debate

Hi. Thought you might be interested to know that Gay Marriage is a hot political topic in Australia at the moment. The issue was raised by the Greens party and has some, possibly even majority, community support. Prime Minister Julie Gillard is trying to avoid discussion on the topic as I think she is afraid of losing conservative voters. The idea is opposed by some elements of the socially-conservative Liberal Party; and various Christian groups (which are relatively weak – there is no cohesive ‘Christian’ voter group in Australia). My suggestion is that the issue will succeed, it is just a matter of time, with an estimate ranging from 1 to 5 years. When that happens, I hope it makes some Christians stop and think why they need government sanctioned ‘marriage’ at all? ylop


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Debate Question

When I was talking to a friend about polygyny, one of her "proofs" of God’s intentions for monogamy only from the beginning of creation was that God only created one woman and one man, and her further proof was that when Noah was on the ark, he only had one wife, and all his sons only had one wife. To her, this was proof positive that when God "started fresh" with mankind after the flood he intended monogamy only for marriage.

I can reasonably explain why God chose at Creation to use one man and one woman, but I don’t really have an answer for why Noah and his sons each had only one wife.

Anyone have a clue?


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The great porn debate

So the other day I was sitting with a group of people from different churches. The topic of pornography came up. I was tell people why I think porn was morally and biblically wrong. I also told them that if was them their wives or daughters what would they think? The response I got from a majority of them kind of shocked me. I was told by many of them they do not see a problem morally or biblically with watching porn as long as they are with their spouse. I brought up the fact that porn as well as watching porn was breaking many biblical laws. They had seemed to disagree greatly with me. I will not allow that filth in my home, but it got me wandering though what every ones views were on the subject as well as why. Do you or do you not agree with pornography as being ok to view?


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