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Baby Dedication….

I’m a first time Infant mom… we have an older daughter we adopted 8 years ago… anyway … we are having our daughter Nikirhe ( pronounced Niki-ray) dedicated on Mother’s Day this year.

I was wondering if any of you mom’s have done this.. is there anything you did to make it more special?
Also we have chosen for our daughter to have godparents and want them to be involved in the service and are going to speak with our minister about that but I was wondering if anyone has ever done that?


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Thank you to everyone for prayers!

Hi all, Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU to everyone for your prayers for our daughter and our family. We have been so overwhelmed in the past week by all of the prayers and well wishes sent our way. For those who are unaware, I gave birth last week to our daughter at 31 weeks gestation. She weighed a little less than 3 lbs at birth. Unfortunately she will have to remain in the NICU for the next 4 or so weeks, but she is doing GREAT!! Gaining weight, only recieving oxygen via nasal cannula (and never had to go on a ventilator – thank you Heavenly Father!!) and able to take feedings of breastmilk already. Chris and I feel strongly that the reason she is doing so well is all of the prayers that are being said for her. Again, THANK YOU so much and please continue praying!! I can’t wait to post a picture of us taking her home very soon!!!!
:) Kacy


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Problems with ex husband…

I have a serious legal issue that we are having to face. When I joined my family, I moved out of state. My soon-to-be ex husband and I have been seperated (not legally) since Jan 09. He was working in the southern states. My parents contacted him to tell him of the "horrors that their daughter was involved in". When he found out that I had indeed moved (I had notified him that I was considering it), he demanded that I "remove his daughter from that situation". Now, I’ve been here 2 months, and he is threatening to take custody of my daughter if I do not leave my family and move back to my home state. This man has never paid one dime in child support, and has seen my daughter one time since Jan 09. He is convinced that she will remember him and take to him like water. Mind you, she considers my family her’s (she is only 34 months old). He has missed over half of her life. NOW he wants back in?

Do I have anything to worry about in court? Can he take my child away from me? Can anyone offer any advice or support?



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