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Polygamy Activist Compares Gun Control to ‘Marriage Control’

. . . Intersting article from CNSNews

http://www.cnsnews.com/public/Content/A … srcid=7429



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Should a religion really grant parents that much control?

In the Baha’i religion all 4 parents (man and woman’s) have to agree to the marriage for it to be allowed (unless one is dead, etc.)

This holds true even if the parents are not Baha’i

I have heard true stories where 1 of the parents was a racist so he would not let them get married on the basis of skin color.

There are numerous dilemmas with this way of doing things.

I think if the parents are racist they might not be fit to advise who their children marry.

Do you think that sometimes people should disregard their parents control over who they marry and possibly think about changing religions if the religion allows the parents racism to control their marriage partner?

By the way, I do not endorse the Baha’i religion. I have known people who are Baha’i for several years and a lot of the stuff in this video lines up with what they told me and had in literature they showed me on multiple occasions. I am not trying to put random unsubstantiated slanderous accusations about the Baha’i, but they simply talk about a lot of worldwide things being part of God’s plan if you listed to them



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