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Prayer for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Hi all,

Please pray for the Robles family. They have recently lost all their possessions in house fire. The Red Cross is helping with a few things but please be in prayer as they don’t have the money to provide Christmas for their children now with this tragedy occurring and if anyone would like to help provide things for Christmas please send me a pm.


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Hanukkah / Chanukah and Christmas

I am curious if BF members observe or celebrate Hanukkah in some manner and if so does your family celebrate Christmas in some manner also, especially if you have children in the home.

We do both in our family. I am not a big Christmas fan while my husband grew up with family traditions surrounding Christmas.
Some years the kids will get presents during Hanukkah only by us and Christmas gifts from extended family, then on other years there are only presents during Christmas. Regardless of how we handle each holiday we always try to emphasize Christ in the holiday.


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