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Chat room day change?

Hi everyone!

I would like to move the Ladies Chat time to another day. Monday is not working out for me that well. I was hoping to move it to Tuesday unless the group says some other day is better. Please let me know if Tuesday or some other day works for you. The time at 7:30pm EST is still good for me but we can adjust that too if enough ladies agree. So, please let me know what you think.



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Tuesday Night Ladies Chat

Greetings Everyone!

I just wanted to repost our new night for the ladies chat and also give the link to the chat room again. I have asked Nathan to put the chat room link on the home page of Biblical Families to make it easier for all of us to use the chat room. Tueday nights will be our special time though! Here is the link again for those who are new:


I look forward to hearing from each of you at some point this summer.


P.S. Due to retreat and family vacation I will not be able to chat for the next couple of Tuesdays. I hope that others will be there, though. :)


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