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Praise: Some things change

I had confronted a pastor some years ago over some terribly bad false teaching (he discreetly called himself infallible while he preached). I had it out, and I thought that was the end of it.

Yesterday I found out that that incident actually sent some pretty major shock waves through the congregation, and had a very large effect on at least one person (and probably more from the sounds of it). I confronted the pastor in his office with just my (then to be) wife there, I made no scene about it, he let out what was said (I don’t know why he did, but it didn’t work in his favour). I was amazed at the effect I actually had, and I got commended by a brother in Christ my wiser and elder as he said he should have done what I did. (a statement that was quite humbling for me)

If only my work on Poly goes so well it would be quite a change. It is humanly impossible that the things I’ve been doing should change hearts, but with God in due season change happens.


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Can I get baptized and change my name?

Can I get baptised and change my name? Is there any scriptural basis for a name change or calling yourself by another thing?

Some of our brothers from overseas have got some cool and " be careful not to covet" type of names.

Innocent so and so
Happiness so and so

Why not me?

I am open to hearing suggestions based on anything you all know about me. I like "unending thankfulness".

BTW, no I have never been baptised, but I am considering it, thus the name change as well.


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Chat room day change?

Hi everyone!

I would like to move the Ladies Chat time to another day. Monday is not working out for me that well. I was hoping to move it to Tuesday unless the group says some other day is better. Please let me know if Tuesday or some other day works for you. The time at 7:30pm EST is still good for me but we can adjust that too if enough ladies agree. So, please let me know what you think.



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Name change for second wife?

Sorry if this is somewhere else on the board. SW and I don’t remember seeing it anywhere.

Has anyone (specifically a second wife) had her name legally changed to the husband’s last name despite the fact that you cannot be legally married if the husband is already legally married to first wife? If so or if you’ve researched it, are there certain issues that could arise in doing this? I know that celebrities often legally change their names, so what stops anyone from changing his/her name to whatever he/she wants at any time? Or does doing a name change while living PM possibly draw more attention to your family which could result in legal issues?

Any thoughts or input appreciated. Thanks!


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