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Does it get any better than this?

In the Case in Canada, Jonathan Turley (the attorney for Kody and family of "Sister Wives") has contributed a rather extensive affidavit which pretty much covers everything imaginable…the file is available here…

http://jonathanturley.files.wordpress.c … idavit.pdf


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Saskatchewan, Canada

Hello Everyone,

I never know what to say in these introductions. So I’ll start with the basics. My wife and I are from mixed religious backgrounds and been married for 17 years. We married with the understanding that a large family, with more than one wife, was the goal. I was recently engaged, but it seems that minds have been changed and she may not join our family (at least not just yet). My wife and I have at least half a dozen or more children. We live on a small farm and have several farm animals, including milk goats. Our children love goat milk!

I look forward to meeting everyone.


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