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It Is Better To Marry Than To Burn

1 Corinthians 7:9 reads,

But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

I would like to get some feedback from some as to what Paul was saying in this passage, especially as it relates to plural marriage.

I have my own views on this, but as I research some commentaries, finding a wealth of information in this verse.

Any takers?



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The Burning of the Koran Debate

What do you think? Suppose a Muslim were to announce a burning of the Holy Bible. I wonder what the response would be from around the world? Would there be this type of response as there is over this man’s plan to burn the Koran? Would national leaders around the nation and globe respond in an effort to protect the Holy Bible? Or should government leaders be involved in a statement one way or the other on this matter, especially here in America with the 1st Amendment rights.

One statement from the Taliban was very troubling to me: "A spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan told CNN, "If in Florida they were to burn the Quran, we will target any Christians, even if they are innocent, because the Quran is our holy book and we do not want someone to burn our holy book." So much for peaceful co-existence!

Now I agree that to burn the Koran is not in line with the teachings of Christ and the apostles, as they taught we should try and live at peace with all people if possible. I think the pastor is decreasing his ability to build relationships and speak the truth of Christ’s love into the hearts of the Muslims if he goes through with this unwise act.

But, I’m curious as to what would occur if this was another religion burning the Christian Holy Bible? I would hope that all Christians would show a spirit of kindness and not one of hatred over it if someone were to do that.

Is it possible that the reaction around the globe over this is because of how many see Islam? Could it be that Islam is certainly not recognized by most as a peaceful religion? In other words, is the strong reaction from leaders around the world because the masses of leaders really see Islam as a "kill and conquer by the sword religion" and thus they speak against this due to a legitimate fear of Islamic assaults?

See article below.

Dr. Allen

PS: If you respond to this article please do so with an extra dose of kindness; I don’t want this article to become an ugly debate. I’m …


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