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Hello Brothers & Sisters NEED HELP PLEASE PRAY

Hello All,

I am new to this board … I have been a Christian (saved) now for 5 years. I got saved in a small church after my life was starting to fall apart and I turned to God for help and recieved Jesus as Lord. I was very active in the church for the 4 years I attendened…. I would examine the scriptures all most everyday and pray asking the Lord for wisdom and truth… This is where I ran into a big problem with my fellow Christians and Elders at Family Bible Church… The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to truth reguarding marriage and polygyny. After much study I went to the Pastor and Elders only to be comdemned and slanderd (they hold tight to the traditions of man even after I …with Gods help …tried to show them the truth of Gods Word). I have since stopped attending but I do not have any fellowship and am becoming very discouraged in the faith. I believe by their teachings they are forbidding marriage and giving in to a doctrine of demons …. Please Brothers and Sisters I need prayer … my wife/family hates me for my beliefs and I lost all fellowship with other Christians …. need to find a group that holds tight to Gods word and lifts it up above all else… Would greatly appriciate your prayers and Godly advice.

In Jesus Christ are Lord,


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Bearing our brothers burden

No one needs money, people need; food/shelter/clothing. So this thread isn’t for you to ask for money. But it has come to my attention that I have surpluses that others lack. Likewise others have things I lack. It seems silly for so many to go homeless/jobless/alone. When others have a spare couch, some labor they need done, and fellowship. My thought is we should network our surpluses to others needs, win/win, everyone profits.
So in my case I don’t like to work hard, but I have a spare bedroom, and a stocked larder. Perhaps others have some land people can camp on, or a farm that has fields that can be gleaned, or a business that could use a sign waver on the corner, maybe you have extra trailer, or a great deal on sign construction. Whatever your need, or surplus is, post it here, and lets bear one another’s burdens.


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