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A Great New Book

Imagine finding a book that functions as a fun and useful tool to introduce folks to the Biblical foundation of polygamy, while at the same time helping them learn good Bible study habits, find freedom from religious baggage, and begin to follow Jesus.

Its out there. Here’s a link:


I think this will be an amazingly useful tool for sharing the truth with your friends.


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. The Lonely Polygamist . . Brady Udall . .

. . Hey folks, I just read a new book called "The Lonely Polygamist" by Brady Udall. It is a novel, and this tome is maxing out at 500 pages plus, BUT, I read it just about straight through.

I want to recommend this book, but I will tell you, this is not a ‘Christian’ book, so you need to approach it as such. There are a number of varying themes of interest to our community, and some insights that will help in your decision on your approach to Christian plural marriage.

I will be using this thread to provide you the links for this book, which is expected to be reviewed by the New York Times next week.

Here is the first link from Salon.com

The crushing loneliness of polygamy:
An exquisite new book, about a desperate husband of four and father of 28, proves the novel is far from dead

http://www.salon.com/books/fiction/?sto … rady_udall



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Hinds feet on High Places

Have any of you ladies read this book? I have read it twice now and it teaches me something new everytime. I read it a few weeks ago and I am now beginning to see just how much the way my husband loves me is like the way Christ loves me. I love that I come away from that book with a new outlook and a refreshed soul. My soul has been starving lately and my daily bible study has been a bit dry this book has really brought new life to my studies and my soul. If you have not read this book I really think you should :)

In Joy and Love,


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A Good Resource for Husbands and Wives

I recently finished a review for a book that is several years old but one that still had some great points in it.

The book title is: "What Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Men." It is written by Patrick Morley.

Overall I found the book to be a good resource for women. Morley does a good job of covering some key concepts for a man and woman’s relationship. Though an older work (copyright 1998) I found it to be still fresh and on target in many places.

Dr. Allen


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