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Father of the Bride

Okay, this is the bit I really struggle with. Being a bit old-fashioned, I feel I must obtain consent of the bride to be’s father before popping the question. This was terrifying for me as a young fellow, but I did it nonetheless. I approached it from the moral position that if the father said no, then the whole thing would be off until I could somehow persuade him. Reason being that consent and authority are very important to me. Many years ago, I made a nerve-wracking special trip to my proposed bride’s rural residence (they lived a long distance away), waited until the right moment, then asked if I could marry his daughter. After a bit of general discussion and an evening walk with both parents, he and his wife said yes, and I ran off and asked my wife to marry me. Fortunately she said yes and 17 years and 7 children later we are still together.

So my dilemma is this – what father in a modern western culture is going to consent to his daughter becoming someone’s second wife (let alone third etc)? I really struggle to see it happening. And yet for me anyway, if a woman’s father is opposed to the practice, I really would not like to create rebellion; it would just be a no go for me.

Has anyone here actually asked the father of their polygamous bride for consent? How did it go?


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Feeling a bit down…

Hubby and sw are on their ‘honeymoon’, and I’m not dealing with it as well as I’d like. I was okay the first two days, but today…. not so much. Just tired, not liking being alone, not sleeping well because I’m alone and I can’t take any sleep meds at the moment…. which brings me to another point… I’m having surgery two weeks from today, which is also starting to get under my skin a bit. I damaged my ulnar nerve canal several years ago, and it’s catching up with me. I haven’t felt anything attached to the ulnar nerve for almost 3 months now, so it’s time to deal with it.

Argh, just feeling frustrated and alone, and distant from hubby. You know, the old "he doesn’t want to be around me" lie that’s so easy to believe :(

Anyway, I just feel like pouting I guess :oops: Thanks for listening :)


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Hello All
I’ve been away for a bit, but now I’m back.
If you’ve read some/any of my posts you know that hubby and I entertain a great deal. I’ve got lots of recipes for feeding large crowds, does anyone have any they’d like to share? Or even a great recipe that I can double or triple? We’re always looking for something new with a different "Wow" factor than some of the things we already do.


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