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If you teach bad doctrine in church. Then people listen, learn, regurgitate it. Then at some point they are confronted with the falsity of their views. They recoil in horror and discard the baby with the bathwater. Those who are too stupid to even understand how bad the doctrine is, stay and thus teach the bad doctrine on to the next generation and the idiocracy perpetuates itself.
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Act vs. Intent

Can an evil intent corrupt the very act itself?

While having a lengthy discussion with a devout Christian today one of the topics we discussed was adultery. I brought up this passage:

Genesis 16:3 So, after Abram had lived ten years in the land of Canaan, Sarai, Abram’s wife, took Hagar the Egyptian, her servant, and gave her to Abram her husband as a wife.

I then stated “If it is adultery for a man to take another woman to be his wife while he is still married, did Sarai tempt Abram to commit adultery, and did Abram willingly commit adultery? If so, why didn’t God address it like he did when David committed adultery?

I listened while he attempted to assemble an argument to explain away the situation I had just presented to him. He hummed and hawed and a few words stumbled out then he went into explaining that they were trying to fulfill God’s promise to Abraham, and all the Arabs from Ishmael were the result and that is why we have so many problems today, and that is why polygamy is bad. He failed to address the questions I posed, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with his response. He had posed an argument against polygamy that I had not come across yet and my thoughts were keen to address both the lack of an answer and refute the logic in his argument.

Since I was familiar with arguments concerning Lamech, I applied the same type of answer. I said “I’m glad you mentioned that. What we need to look at is the intention of Abram and Sarai. Their intention was to fulfill God’s promise without God. Now, does an errant intention corrupt an act? Is the act bad because it was used for the wrong reasons? If I was single and married a girl because her daddy was rich to get at his money would that then cause marriage in itself to be a bad institution? If Abram’s actions make polygamy bad or sinful does that then render other men like David, Gideon, and many others as bad or sinful men?

To his credit he acknowledged the predicament he was in logically, and was willing to loo…


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