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I welll know and realize that the woman is not to usurp authority over the mans role of leadership. My Question, "Is it possible that women , without intending to, go forward with counceling or advising the man in a sense, and the end resule being, though with good intentions, usurping uthority with an attitude of "teaching" him? Should not this teaching and admonition come from another brethern?


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Are You Being Persecuted by Leaders for the Love of Christ?

I wrote this for another post in another field/topic but thought I would add it here as this might be of some help to those of you are suffering persecution. I’ve modified it some to be more applicable to this aspect of suffering unjustly for the cause of Christ.

In many cases we, like Christ, have to suffer in order to be able to share true love with those who revile us, persecute us, and despise us and our message. Sometimes this even requires us to submit to those whom we believe or know to be unjust.

I was thinking back to the life of Christ in regard to his submission to authorities around him. In his case every earthly authority around him was unjust because he was the standard of perfection. That had to be hard living a life where every person you saw you could see all of their imperfections.

Yet I realized some things about him that really stood out. As Christians our goal is to be like Christ and to be conformed into his image. Sometimes for us to get Christ’s love to others we will have to suffer in order to get that truth to them. Many who persecute Christians are people who do not know the gospel of grace. Many know the gospel of morality and know religion, but few and far between understand grace.

But for us to understand grace, and for us to be able to properly administer grace to others it often requires that we suffer like Christ suffered. One medical doctor has well stated: "Is it not odd that the oldest two books of the Bible, Job in the OC and James in the NC, both start off on teaching people how to suffer for the sake of God’s mission?" What a powerful point. Sometimes, our suffering will be as we humble ourselves through the art of submission.

First, look in Luke 2:52. We find that Jesus Christ himself lived a submissive life to the people around him as he learned and grew in wisdom of both God and man.

Wow! Now that is powerful in my opinion. The text says: "And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God


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