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Does Anyone Use MySpace Anymore? Your comment needed

I am just wondering if continuing to maintain the Biblical Families MySpace account is worth the effort?

Would like some feed back from folks.



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Name change for second wife?

Sorry if this is somewhere else on the board. SW and I don’t remember seeing it anywhere.

Has anyone (specifically a second wife) had her name legally changed to the husband’s last name despite the fact that you cannot be legally married if the husband is already legally married to first wife? If so or if you’ve researched it, are there certain issues that could arise in doing this? I know that celebrities often legally change their names, so what stops anyone from changing his/her name to whatever he/she wants at any time? Or does doing a name change while living PM possibly draw more attention to your family which could result in legal issues?

Any thoughts or input appreciated. Thanks!


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Spanish preachers/Teachers anyone?


This is probably a long shot on here. I wonder if anyone is or knows of a person who is well versed in christian plural marriage and also Spanish. I wonder if they have a website or book or something. It would be helpful for me becasue I wouldn’t ahve to do much translating of materials as I foresee having to do in the future! I know there is a yahoo message group somewhere I have to get on again but that is all I know of. If anyone can connect me with a Spanish speaker who is very well versed in the bible and who may already have some stuff written down I would appreciate it.


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When are these quotes from?

Anyone care to guess?

What shall I say to him who seeks a wife
of ancient manners, uncorrupted life?
surely he’s mad-come, Doctor, breathe a vein
and try to bring him to himself again
But if, by chance, a woman could be found
Modest and chase, though all the empire round,
thrice happy mortal! to thy destined bed
let her, with thanks to god, be led.

"Their grand argument with all disputes with their husband are:
so will I have it – So command I still,
and yield to no reason but my sovereign will."

Then the imperious wanton leaves her spouse,
From man to man she flies, from house to house,
forgetful of her brides attire and her, and bridal vows.
again she seeks her first deserted man,
and in five years, eight husbands crown her plan.
pity but such achievements should be known,
engraved on brass or monuments of stone.

It almost sounds like today, but is worse,
anyone care to guess from when came these verses?


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Hidden Agenda…

I find it interesting that we have a Texas compound attacked by the Federal Government based on the false reporting of an individual, and now the verdict has been unanimously reversed, and all the charges are being dropped and it is unlikely their will be a retrial because the witnesses testimony has come into question and the Judges original instructions to the jury were to consider him an accomplice to a crime that had yet been charged against anyone (and considered guilty by association without a trial). All making National Headlines with a negative slant against polygamy which was never even a charge filed against anyone in the matter…

THEN we have this guy who is not a polygamist doing the very thing all polygamists are assumed to be practicing and it hardly even makes the local papers where it happened! I wonder if there is any bias whatsoever in our NEWS reporting system.

http://jonathanturley.org/2010/08/02/ma … more-25446


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