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Do anti-polygamists, think that modern culture is inferior?

So some anti-polygamists have argued that

Polygamy is okay in the past but not today

So that would mean that people are more capable in the past. Basically their whole argument would make sense if people are not as capable of doing things in modern times than in the past. It is strange to think of that with new modern technologies!

Some possible anti-polygamist arguments

1. It was easier to get food in the past therefor polygamy is acceptable in the past but now unaffordable

2. People were more able to get along with each other in the past, but in today’s culture they would fight.

3. Woman were more obedient and "slave-like" in the past

This argument hints that anti-polygamists have something wrong with their society that it needs to improve to the status of the past when polygamy was allowed. So why not make the cultural improvements toward polygamy!

The third argument is a backhanded way to say in the past women were mistreated therefor polygamy was okay in the past. But those who make such an argument are saying it was okay to mistreat woman in the past…. Otherwise they would have said polygamy was never okay, instead of okay in the past but not the present! Of course women being obedient is admirable not bad!


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Federal bigamy and anti-polygamy laws

After considering a recent ruling by a Federal Judge that the Federal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) was unconstitutional because it interfered with States rights to define marriage; I started wondering about the Constitutionality of the Federal bigamy and anti-polygamy laws.

It seems obvious to me that the Federal bigamy and anti-polygamy laws dictate to States that they have to follow specific religious doctrinal guidelines when it comes to defining marriage. Clearly the Federal Government was never granted the powers to enact, much less enforce such laws governing marriage, by the Constitution. In fact the bigamy and anti-polygamy laws seem to contradict the spirit of the Constitution which grants the free practice of religion. If marriage isn’t a religious institution then I don’t know what is.


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