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Nebraska woman open to friendships in surrounding states.

;) Hometown: Hutchinson, Kansas Current City: Lincoln, NE
Political Views: Conservative
Religious Views: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
I am a traditional, old-fashioned midwestern gal who grew up in a very rural area of Kansas surrounded by soybean and wheat fields and farming values of hard work, good Christian upbringing, having a good education, and a family who isn’t afraid to show lots of love, affection and attention to one another. I was brought up Catholic, married many years ago into the Lutheran faith, divorced after 14 years of marriage, and in the process my religious beliefs about marriage changed. My religion now is more of a Southern Baptist-Native American blend. I love worshiping the Lord with fellow Christian’s in a church setting, but also treasure those times where I just sit and talk with "the Great Spirit" in the quiets of the woods.
After years of Bible studies and much thought and prayer, I am opening my heart and life to the possibility of being a sister wife. It is in God’s hands, but before God can do anything in one’s life, you have to say "Yes, Lord- if it is your will."


Bio: I am a woman in my middle fifty’s who is 5 feet tall, a few extra pounds (on low carb-low fat diet), who loves reading a good book while sipping on a good cup of flavored coffee or tea, while listening to some of my favorite music, while outside under the shade of a large oak tree in the park, with a blanket spread on soft green grass, listening to the sounds of the wind through the trees, the birds singing sweetly, children laughing in the distance, and the feel of the warm sun on my skin. I love watching the rain clouds move in, the thrill of lightning and thunderstorms, and the taste of rain drops on my tongue. I love walking in the rain with the one I love (usually my youngest son), and watching a good movie with a cat curled up on my …


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Greets Folks,

Just a note to introduce myself. My name is Steven. After many years of running around in the world behaving like a pagan, our Lord quite mercifully saved me from my foolishness and my well-deserved condemnation when He dropped His Spirit upon me in May of 2003. It was a very brief day, particularly in the scope of all that had gone before, but it is a long and interesting story (at least I think so) nonetheless. You all know the story; mine is no different except for the details. Quite a variety of interesting things have happened since then, and no doubt will continue to happen until He returns or calls me home; more stories for a different thread I suppose.

But as if this salvation weren’t enough, He also chose to give me the most incredible gift of a godly wife! I’d been praying for a wife and marriage for about 4 of those 7 years since He first called me. And just when I had completely convinced myself, in sadness, that He had other plans for me that did not include a wife and family of my own, He dropped my Love on me. Quite to my amazement, she was not what I thought I wanted, but was instead far superior to anything I could have imagined. She loves AND believes God, she is beautiful (waist-length blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, lovely shape), she is smart (she was in the research phase of a Ph.D program in Molecular Pathology when she found me), and for some completely inexplicable reason (aka divine intervention, miracle, etc.) she decided she should become my wife. And I don’t mean wife in the sense that the world means it. I mean wife in the sense that God means it. I mean a wife that got on her knees in front of the pastor and witnesses when we were married and submitted herself entirely to me with her head to the ground at me feet. I mean a wife who left her Ph.D program to spend her days in my home tending to whatever I asked her to tend to. I mean a wife that takes joy in simply belonging to me and knowing she brings me joy. Once aga…


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Hi from Florida

My name is Christine and I have always been interested in living a polygamous life style. I have yet to find the right family for me, but they say good things come to those who wait! I am a 26 year old single mother of a wonderful 6 year old, I work full time and hope to graduate from college in 2012…


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