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New Church

DD and I have been attending a small Southern Baptist Church for almost 3 years now, but the only reason is, because it is so close. The issues pretty much boil down to the fact that there are a couple of cliques and there is almost constant struggle of power between them. All they really seem to care about is what you can do for them. My daughter and I attend regularly, except in case of illness, as I do my best on my own in Children’s Church. I personally don’t think I’m near qualified, but it was thrust upon me and nobody else seems to want to have to do anymore than absolutely necessary. Any how DD and I got real bad sick, the first couple of weeks I tried to call and let them know what was going on, but could not reach anyone at the only two members #’s I have. We were out for about 4-5 weeks when the pastor finally called to see how we were doing. It is decided that we are going to search for a new church family. DH is thinking we might step away from Baptist. I ask that you pray for our family, that the Lord will guide our steps, and lead us where he needs us to be. Thank You.


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Almost done with the paperwork for the donated church

So we are in the paper work process of getting the church donated the property is on 5 acres. It has a Home on it and a huge quonset hut on it for the church. God is doin great things! Keep praying that every thing goes smoothly. I will update as more info comes.


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Prayer for Direction and a New Job

Well, I am almost done with school and getting ready to graduate with my BS in Business Management. My goal is Human Resources, but at this point I desire to move to a job with a future and that will use my degree. I have a few irons in the fire and would love it if you all pray for me that God would show me his will for what comes next.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers.



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