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Why are rich American men not polygamous? I suspect that the divorce laws would make polygamy financially too risky for the rich. About one percent of men in first world countries are rich enough to live on investment income, and if one in ten of these rich men are suitable as responsible polygamous husbands, then we have a potential of one man in a thousand to be polygamous. In the United States, that translates to a potential of 150,000 polygamous households living largely or entirely from investment income.

Men who do not have independent incomes can also be good polygamous husbands, of course, but men with independent incomes are well placed to be polygamous, because they do not need a job to get an income. Men with independent incomes are well placed to be a political force in promoting polygamy.

In all first world societies, we would expect a potential of half a million polygamous households, where the men have independent incomes. Once India and China move up to first world level in the future, that number could triple.


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