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Dear Nathan and Biblical Family,

Please read "Our Polygamy Story" both in introductions and prayer requests to be caught up to speed. I "Who is like God?" posted them that might be an easier way to search. Who is like God? = Micah and my wife Beloved Lily = Amy.

We thought that things were going well with Alaynna, a desired candidate for a secod wife. She had not expressed disgust or even hinted that she thought that it was a superbly destructive sin. She had said that it was not for her, and that she did not think that she could ever see herself in the position, but then again that is what I said before I was motivated to make up my mind one way or the other. We had spent the last three months building a relationship with her and talking and discussing polygyny with her and she agreed at least once if not twice that it was most likely Biblical, but did preference such comments that it made her uncomfortable but that is as far as it went. She totally left out the feelings that are expressed in the letter below which was in response to us telling her that we saw her as a daughter of the Most High and as a qualified women to be a second wife and if she was at all interested in this we could perhaps begin to develop the relationship further and work out the social difficulties. Apologizing at least twice if we were to forward and had offended her. Well we obviously offended her because we were blindsided with some views that we did not think she held … at least not so firmly by the letter below.

"Micah and Amy,

Saturday, I was so excited to see all those flowers and that super neat manikin! A
nice early birthday present from my two friends. How awesome!… until I opened the
letter that came with it. I was and still am horrified and revolted, to say the least, at
this sexual perversion whitewashed as God’s calling and blessing. I met the floor in
sorrow wanting to vomit.

Micah, the past several months I have been uncomfortable in your presence…


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