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Anyone care to guess?

What shall I say to him who seeks a wife
of ancient manners, uncorrupted life?
surely he’s mad-come, Doctor, breathe a vein
and try to bring him to himself again
But if, by chance, a woman could be found
Modest and chase, though all the empire round,
thrice happy mortal! to thy destined bed
let her, with thanks to god, be led.

"Their grand argument with all disputes with their husband are:
so will I have it – So command I still,
and yield to no reason but my sovereign will."

Then the imperious wanton leaves her spouse,
From man to man she flies, from house to house,
forgetful of her brides attire and her, and bridal vows.
again she seeks her first deserted man,
and in five years, eight husbands crown her plan.
pity but such achievements should be known,
engraved on brass or monuments of stone.

It almost sounds like today, but is worse,
anyone care to guess from when came these verses?


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