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I realize that all people will inevitably die. Therefor what people call entertainment is boring to me. I am not a "stick in the mud" or "killjoy."

I just find "entertainment" excruciatingly boring. However when I do things that will matter after I die, I do not find it boring but extremely joyful, but other people consider it boring.

The disturbing thing is…… People at the Church should not find secular NON-educational T.V. shows, the latest fashions, fads and trends more interesting than reading the Bible.

I am a very simple person, even though I choose to think about things more deeply than most people I have met face to face, none the less I consider my level of thinking very shallow compared with what it would have been if I were to have lived a more moral life. So I am shocked that people do not usually think more deeply than me. I do not say this out of pride, but humility as counting myself low compared with what God has offered me and expecting that someone else must have done more with what God offered them than I have.

I try to limit my pursuits to religion and academics (trying to develop a proper worldview and then live according to that worldview) and exercise/nutrition (trying to make sure other people will not have to take care of me when I am old, so that I am capable of helping others) and trying to store treasure in heaven by how I interact with people (trying to live a moral life, marry wives and have children (so that I can lead the to the good eternal life) and teach others to live a moral life(so that I can lead the to the good eternal life.)) I could break down living a moral life into more details like ways to help others and things to do and not do, but that is unnecessary.

That is essentially all I am interested in everything other than living a moral life is useless to me when I die.

So essentially all I can think about talking to women about is there views on how to raise a family/marriage life …


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