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Was Jesus Married?


There are theories that He was. Dan Brown made them famous in The Da Vinci Code. Or was it Angels & Demons?

Evangelicals went nuts trying to prove Mr Brown wrong. … not too convincingly, though with great assumed authority.

Since all we truly have to go on is our own deductions and opinions, here’s mine — just for fun.

I think and hope He was. Why? Because Paul claims that He was tempted in all points as I was, yet without sin. Further, that He can sympathize and understand what I’m going through in every area of life. Sorry, but if He wasn’t married, I don’t quite see how that can be! Which leaves me uncovered and vulnerable in a MASSIVE area of my life.

"Oh, but if He was married and had a kid, and an ongoing lineage, that creates problems!" Really? Why? Wasn’t He fully human? Then what He passed on to His rugrats woulda been … human. No better, no worse. *shrug* They get to call Jesus "Daddy"? I get to call Jesus’ Daddy, "Daddy", and Him "Brother".. *’nother shrug*


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