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There he was, a president of a College and Seminary, a well known man, a highly respected man, and one revered by many students and faculty members. Yet he stood at a crossroad in his life. His wife was sick and as she grew worse in her condition he opted to retire early to spend his days taking care of her in her sickeness.

Dr. Robert McQuilkin’s wife, Muriel, had been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. As her memory began to fade she would sometimes leave her home and walk barefoot down the road to simply reach Robert at work. The walk would leave her feet bloody at times.

Dr. McQuilkins’s friends urged him to have her placed in a nursing home so he could finish his last eight years and have the needed time in to retire. But he refused. As he stated," Would anyone love her at all there, let alone love her as I do?"

She could not speak in sentences, only words. But she did repeat and say "I love you" to Robert often. After he retired to take care of her full time she continued to decline to where she could not speak. Yet Robert could still see her actions of love. She was content and bubbly with him in the home. He shared in his story saying:

"She still seemd to have affection for me." Robert even added that "I have a home full of love and laughter; many couples with their wits about them don’t have that! Muriel is very lovable–more dear to me now than ever. What more could I ask? When she reaches out to me in the night hours or smiles contentedly and lovingly as she awakes, I thank the Lord for his grace to us and ask him to let me keep her."

Someone once asked, "how do you know that God is really powerful." The man replied: "Because he loves me and has broken the power of sin in my life. Sin is the most powerful force I know of on earth except for the power of God’s love. If he can overcome my sin and love me then no doubt that God is powerful."

The greatest word throughout the OT and NT is the word of …


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