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. . Hey folks, I just read a new book called "The Lonely Polygamist" by Brady Udall. It is a novel, and this tome is maxing out at 500 pages plus, BUT, I read it just about straight through.

I want to recommend this book, but I will tell you, this is not a ‘Christian’ book, so you need to approach it as such. There are a number of varying themes of interest to our community, and some insights that will help in your decision on your approach to Christian plural marriage.

I will be using this thread to provide you the links for this book, which is expected to be reviewed by the New York Times next week.

Here is the first link from Salon.com

The crushing loneliness of polygamy:
An exquisite new book, about a desperate husband of four and father of 28, proves the novel is far from dead

http://www.salon.com/books/fiction/?sto … rady_udall



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