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The girls left us

The two girls 15&16 that I took in informed me yesterday that they would rather have to sleep with a guy for a place too stay then too have a loving home with rules. It kinda broke my heart as these two are like my children. The 15yr old is also pregnant, so yes this worries me even more. I can not however see my self backing down and letting them do what ever while in my home. So they are supposed to be leaving today. I guess when I get home they will be gone. Yall just pray that they stay at least unharmed and pray that this depression I am feeling goes away. I for some reason feel as if this is my fault. I tried to show all the love I could and teach them that there are better ways to life then the party, like school, true friends and Family! I really wish there was some thing I could say or do. All I could do was hug them kiss them on the forehead and tell them I love them and I will be praying. So if you seen my facebook that’s what that was all about.


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