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I have offered to testify at the Loy Nielsen trial in Texas. I contacted Kent Schaffer, the lead attorney defending Mr. Nielsen and offered to testify:

"Kent Schaffer <kentschaffer@gmail.com>

Dear Kent;

Thank you for continuing to receive my communications and taking a moment to consider them.

I have sent you many links and attached documents that I hope will help you make your case more effective, what I haven’t told you is my own story.

When my wife and I discussed children I told her I would rather not have any, or have at least 6. After our third child she had a tubal pregnancy and did not get pregnant after that. She has not had her period for two years now, and will not have any more children.

I am left with two alternatives if I want to have more children since I do not want to adopt:

1) "Cheat" on my wife and have "bastard" children with another woman and remain married to my first wife (she does not want a divorce).

2) Divorce my wife and marry another woman so that I have the opportunity to have more "legal" children.

Because of our laws I seemingly have no alternative but to "legally" divorce my wife to remove the government restrictions which prevent me from "legally" fathering children with another woman. Ironically I could have as many mistresses and father children with them with impunity as long as I help to support them (how sick is that?).

I say "legally" because I believe there is a separate and distinct difference between a state issued dog tag (license) for my wife and a covenant entered into between a man and a woman before God as our witness.

Malachi 2:14 But you say, "Why does he not?" Because the LORD was witness between you and the wife of your youth, to whom you have been faithless, though she is your companion and your wife by covenant.

Galatians 3:15 To give a human example, brothers: even with a man-made covenant, no one annuls it or adds to it once it has been ratifi


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