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Of Me.
I was born in So Cal and left about 15 years ago. I became a follower of King Messiah while late in school. After high school, I joined the army and travelled Europe. After the army I was married and worked for 15 years in the computer field. During this time we had 4 kids in about 6 years. We moved to Knoxville, TN where I became a Messianic Rabbi for about a year. I was still working in the computer field.

I left the computer field for to attend Bible College, I still did computer work at college, and then became a pastor. As a pastor: I attended seminary, had two churches in three years, and had HaShem move me in differing directions.

Between the first and second church, I subbed at a local school. I was asked by a fifth grade class, what is a transitive and intransitive verb, as their teacher could not explain it to them. I explained how to tell the difference, gotta love three years of Greek, and I saw the lights go on. I then explained poetry to them, and they were in love. Still one of the best days of my life, well at least in the top ten.

After pastoring I went up to Minnesota (eh) and taught Bible for three years at a Christian school. Because of the local conditions half the high school teachers were let go. I spent the next year getting a teaching certificate in Social Studies and working part time.

I now teach high school social studies at a long term treatment facility for juvenile offenders. While I work on a MA in history and political science. Oh the stories I could tell. My wife and I are still married. I have three kids in college and one still in high school. My wife home schooled all the kids all the way through.

Of HaShem (Hebrew for THE Name)
We are Messianic Jewish. I am a tish more eclectic in theology then most. We follow the traditions of the fathers and keep shabbos, kosher, and follow Torah as best as we can. At school I am known as the local (and only) Jew. I seldom talk about King Messiah, in that way I can preach the gospel at…


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