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So some time ago I asked the Pastor what he would do if I married more than one woman and he said, he might excommunicate me because he believes it is adultery

He said he can not prove it is adultery but you can not prove it is not, and that has been the stance of the Church fathers.

[Of course I have never heard of the great Southern Baptist Church Fathers, (by the way I am not Southern Baptist ;) ), he has never ever explained to me where this denomination comes from, but…. he said it is important to him to have a denomination so he picked this one because it is "the most Biblical." Southern Baptists could very well have "great Church Fathers" but… they just never taught me about them]

I could give numerous reasons why I think people there proclaim polygyny is wrong on an emotional basis but I will not go there.

So what should I do considering sooner or later I will have to leave essentially any Church I join?

And if polygyny is so bad shouldn’t he kick me out for being a false teaching heretic who disagrees with everyone (I do not bring up the topic much anymore because I explained my point of view and saw they are not accepting of the truth and that is enough.)


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