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In the post "How do you find U.S. women of other religions who want poly", I was asked the following

Dr. K.R. Allen wrote:DTT,

It appears to me you have not studied the doctrine of election nor the doctrine of full or extensive depravity nor even the idea of presuppositional ideas, thus due to that you are coming to your position here that you could somehow love someone enough that by your love it would bring them to the truth.

So my questions are to you this:
1. Do you know what the Bible (specific verses) says about a person’s ability to see and understand truth when they are fully born and extensively through and through with sin touching and dominating every facet of their being?

2. Do you know what the Bible says (specific verses) about the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit’s agreement and plan for redemption made in eternity and realized in time?

3. In light of those two issues and doctrines do you know what presuppositional apologetics is and why those two doctrines form a foundation that differs with your view on your ability to love someone into the kingdom?

These are important issues here DTT and I’d like to walk with you here and see if you are thinking about these issues biblically.

Dr. Allen


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