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Salt Free Spirituality

Too much salt causes high blood pressure, or so I am told. Or maybe, Too much salt causes severre headaches via the mechanism of elevated blood pressure.

Is there a spiritual corollary? I wonder.

Have we fallen prey to a lying spirit telling us to take the words of Almighty God "with a grain of salt"?

"Do NOT worry about tomorrow. Your Father knows what you have need of." … Sorta. Take it with a grain of salt, and hedge your bets, stay up all night trying to cover every contingency. Yup. A bit more palatable with a grain or two of salt. Prudent, too, dontcha know?

"Great peace have they which love Thy law, and nothing shall offend them." … Sorta. Take that one with a coupla grains of salt. Whoever wrote it obviously didn’t have my ________ (kids, bitter half, boss, co-worker, tax bill, banker, in-laws, waistline …)!!! Why you should just SEE, or worse, HEAR them!!!"

Maybe best to go on a No Spiritual Salt Diet, and act just like it says. Might turn out to bring on less headaches, ya know?

Ummmm … this does NOT mean to tell that irritating person, "You know what? The Bible’s RIGHT!! You’re NOTHING, and you’re OFFENDING ME RIGHT NOW!!!"


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