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Religion vs.Christianity

Religion is man’s path to God.
Christianity is God’s path to man.

Think about this this weekend, as you prepare for your Sabbath date with God. (Please! Not starting the debate as to what, when, how long. Just acknowledge that this weekend you want and look forward to some special time of SOME sort with Him.)

Isn’t it beautiful? God is courting us?

We’re not buying our way out of this world into paradise via our obedience, fasting, offerings, worship, service, blah blah blah. If we were, that would be our way to Him, and would make us no different than moslems, buddhists, hindus, etc.

Instead, when we do those good things we’re just responding to the Master Lover, the Originator of Courtship. And we get to spend special time with Him this weekend!

Goosebump time!


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