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Reason Magazine article

Kind of annoying to find this in a libertarian mag, even though it’s 4 years old.


He misses some crucial evidence in my opinion, I’ll leave most of the details to you.

"Losers would understandably burn with resentment" – I tend to think the more salient point is "Potential losers would realize they need to shape up to win a wife."
And while focusing on that potential pitfall, he conveniently ignores the very real shortage of men who wish to marry, especially over the age of 30, as compared to women, today. What do those ‘losers’ (women who have to do without) burn with? Or is that not important since the left out women don’t tend to tear things down and run wild? Grrrr.

And in a proper functioning society the incidence of plural marriages would be small enough, and offset by earlier-dying men, that I think ‘zero sum’ wouldn’t be much of an issue.


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