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Prayer for ‘Doc’

If you’ve been on our forums for a while, or if you’ve been on our facebook page, or listened to the radio show, or if you’ve been to a retreat in the last 2 years, you know who ‘Doc’ (DocInFl on the forums) is, and have likely been blessed by him, in one way or another. It’s been great to have him speak at all 2009/2010 retreats so far, and he has been vital to helping Biblical Families grow and stay focused on what God has for us to do. Just recently Doc has felt the renewed calling (a life-long calling, for him) for local ministry, and was laying the foundation for a community-focused church here in Orlando.

Now, it’s our turn to be there for him. Today the doctors confirmed what they’ve suspected for the last week: Doc has advanced non-Hodgkin lymphoma (cancer), and is in for the fight of his life. Doc doesn’t currently have health insurance, but that won’t stop them from starting treatment next week.

We are blessed to have Doc as part of our home-group in Orlando, and we will certainly be doing everything we can for him – we laid hands on and prayed for him Monday night, and will continue to do so.

Please begin praying for his healing, earnestly and continuously. Pray against discouragement and lies the enemy would bring. This battle will likely be a lengthy one. We are praying for the Lord to take full victory over this for Doc, and for Him to be glorified in the process, giving Doc a great testimony in the future.

You may post your notes of encouragement here for Doc, or send him a PM – but don’t expect a quick reply, he’s busy measuring what’s important in his life, and starting down this new road.

If you feel led to do more than pray, or there’s some other way you think you can help, you may email me at nathan@biblicalfamilies.org.

"Lord, hold our beloved brother Doc, your servant, in Your hands, heal him and make him new! Begin the healing work in him even today, and guide the doctors to be one of your instruments. Let the Glory and Honor be unto…


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