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I have friend, Greg, actually an old coworker, that accepted God’s call to be a missionairy in Mexico. His wife, Maria, and him have recently moved in with a pastor as they start their ministry. Right now they are working in the following cities, Zolonquiapas near Izucar de Matamoros, Quilehtla, Tlaxcala, Esperanza, and Cholula. They sent me the following prayer request and I would like to pass it on here as well.

Please pray for us. Although all of our English Classes and Bible Studies are blessed and growing, there is tremendous spiritual warfare. We have had many problems with the car we just bought, arguments between my wife and I right before the bible study or class for no reason at all, we even had someone with an evil spirit attend the bible study in Esperanza. This is not a physical war we are fighting and we can not fight it with physical weapons. We are defiantly getting into the enemy’s camp and areas that he does not want us to be. We can feel the pressure. We ask you to pray with us for spiritual protection. My wife and I ask you to pray for our relationship. We ask you to pray for our vehicle. We ask you to pray for our son, Edward, who is in California. Please pray for our provision. Please pray that the Lord would find a way for us to have a projector that we might show Christian movies as an outreach. We ask you to please pray for our bible study and English class in Espranza, our bible study and discipleship class in Tlaxcala, our English class in Quilehtla and our English class in Zolonquiapas.

Thank you and God’s Blessings.


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