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Reference "Introductions-‘Our Polygamy Story’"

First off I must say I was in quite the quandary of where to post this, but finally realizing that this is a lot for God still to accomplish I decided that it would best fit here. A few months ago I posted "Our Polygamy Story" which gives a brief history (Testimony) on how God has almost brought us to what I hope and pray is God glorifying PM. Let me bring you up to speed on what has been going on. For the last several months I have been as some have said on the forums stacking up a mountain of fleeces to confirm that God is in this relationship. Where to begin, out of all the people I listed in "Our Polygamy Story" only the pastor of our current church (which we have not attended for long) disagreed fairly vehemently with biblical polygamy. Fey agrees that it is Biblical but is not sure it is for her. (This is a prayer request). I have discussed with the movers and shakers in my family that it is indeed biblical who were quite shocked when they asked what I was going to do with the information and I responded become polygamous. They were equally shocked when they found out that my Wife Sue was totally on board. Sue’s friend since they were very small did not respond very well to the idea and said this is the sin that caused the flood (Prayer for that relationship would be much appreciated.) Pastor Rich our mentor and child’s Godfather along with his wife agreed that polygamy was Biblical though his wife said it was against the law (several times) and he doubted the merit of it in this day and age, but more for his wife’s sake then anything else. Lets see besides those conversations over the last few months it has been amazing to watch God work in Fey’s life as I have been praying for her every day. She is still getting over a hard break up (Which was with my best friend) and on top of that had seeds of bitterness growing in her heart towards God and life in general. In only a few short wee…


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