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Nathan wrote in another post:
"- with nothing on the schedule on the East Coast for the rest of this year, we’re already thinking that won’t work: too many of us will need our fix before then! We had a quick discussion about meeting in the fall (how does weekend after Thanksgiving work for folks? Done with family at that point?), and perhaps a new location, say… central Alabama? Drop me an email or PM with your thoughts."

If this means the first weekend in December ( Dec 3-5 ) then Chaplains Rose and I would be all for it. Central Alabama would be doable for us, say at a camp ground as y’all have been doing the past few retreats. Heck, I would even be willing to help cook meals ( seeing as how I like to cook ) as well as bring all the makings to make a LARGE pot of REAL Cajun gumbo for everybody.


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