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I’ve been pondering something as of late.

In civil law we have something that most all contracts can be written to call for in case of some type of dispute. It is called an arbitration review board. Many times when contracts in business are signed they agree in the contract to have an arbitration board that will settle the disputes which will be binding on all parties, even binding in actual civil courts, should a conflict or breach occur.

Therefore, I have been thinking holistically here about how this might apply here. I am pondering if it is possible for us to develop a system whereby when a man takes a wife that a legal contract could developed with an arbitration clause and board that is mutually chosen by the couple that would be the arbitrators if something happened that led to a severe dispute and possibly a split among the parties.

I believe it is essential that we do everything we can as Christians to settle civil disputes outside of common civil courts of the land. The Bible makes this very clear in 1 Cor. 6:1-8.

The need for this is great when most courts will not recognize the type of unions as suggested and taught herein. With the reality of sin it is very possible that a person could be abused or put out unjustly without any recourse. In such cases it seems like an arbitration board or something could be of great value to couples entering into unions. If they voluntarily decided to have some type of civil agreement composed, and they could select some mature, godly, and wise people who would serve as arbitrators should something terrible go wrong then I think that would provide a deeper level of security and protection for each member in the relationship. Also, if this could be drawn up legally this type of union then would have the backing of the civil courts (and sword of the state if necessary) should the parties try and reject the authority of the arbitrators who review and make ruling on the matter.

As of right now when people enter such unions w…


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