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Please help me?

Hello ! I’m new here..
I am not American but European so forgive me my faults..my English is BAD :)

I had or still have an online relation with a very religious married American man.
We had a wonderful time but since August he started to behave complete different.
Told me God has spoken to him and what we did was not right in Gods eyes.
He broke his vows to God when he started a relation with me.
That it was only online didn’t matter.
To him, i seduced him..it was the devil that used me to let him sin!!!
So the relation is over..only friendship is all that s left and to me it don’t feel that friendship will stay forever.
i fell in love and still feel love and not only friendship.

My question
Why can people think and live like he does and why can’t i get him out of his cocoon?
He tells me people like you (sorry i mean it well.) will be punished in time cause you only may live with ONE wife or hubby.
And whatever i say…he keep on telling me the same.
I only want to know what i can do about it.
Go on talking to him and hoping for better times, or disappear out of his life?

I wrote my "story" because i think you all think different about a marriage with only one wife or husband.
and…i have no probs he is married.. an online relation with messenger webcam and phone and maybe a vacation that doesn’t harm anyone i think..and about the future..that’s in Gods hands ..

Ok for me it’s bedtime right now..
Hoping i’ll find some reactions tomorrow..
Maybe i did putmy question on the wrong thread..then please forgive me.



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