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Our Polygamy Story

Hello All,

Recently my first wife and I have come into the knowledge that polygamy is not a sin and have in fact been called to it. Here is a condensed version of hte journey that the Lord has taken us on.

My wife and I grew up in two small neighboring towns. We attended the same church throughout our late adolescent and teenage years. The church we attended was pastored by the father of my best friend and college roommate. We were both saved at an early age and have been very passionate about pursuing a relationship with Christ our Lord and Savior. One of the most prominent things we were taught is that the word of God reigns supreme, and studying it is key to understanding who God is and what He has in store for us. We both diligently study the word of God during our teenage years learning how to rightly divide the word of God. Shortly before I left for engineering college at Letourneau University I asked Sue to date me with the intentions that we would some day, marry. We broke up during this time, completely due to a misunderstanding, which would not be resolved till the end of the summer; and during this time Sue considered, although however briefly, the idea of marrying an individual who was polygamous. I was contacted by one of her friends, namely Fey, who at the time was dating my best friend, who was my room mate at college, and asked if I could please talk to Sue because she was thinking about some pretty crazy things, like polygamy. Although I did not have any moral convictions on polygamy being right or wrong. I did relate it to Mormonism because of past dealings with Mormon missionaries and studying to refute their doctrine. I reviewed the subject briefly, but being swamped by my school load, only found that the subject needed more attention. I related to my wife to be that it would be social suicide, but I did not have any moral answers to give her. During my time at college not only was a I required to take 12 additional bible classes, but my theolog…


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