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So some of this might be personal opinion and some of it might have Biblical basis. Anyway I will just state the following, whichever it is.

If I was married to a woman, I would be ok if she had a certain type of friendship at a very shallow level with some men, who she happens to meet occasionally by necessity, such as coworkers, in a common project or ministry, etc., but avoids meeting during unnecessary situations.

But I would feel it is an inappropriate friendship if she regularly starts going to events with a man, such as lunch, movies, etc in which I am not present.

And there are other types of friendship that I would consider appropriate or inappropriate. And it could be completely non-physical and I could still feel it is inappropriate.

Should men follow these same boundaries of friendship toward women. Or are their boundaries different because they can have more than one woman but woman can only have one man.

Would it be appropriate for instance for a man to be friends with many women he is not married to but forbid his wife from having the same kind of friendship with men?

Would it be OK for a man to want to marry a woman who has never had a boyfriend but at the same time, have multiple girlfriends because of polygyny. Or would that be a heartless and inappropriate double standard if he wants to marry a woman who has never had a boyfriend (other than possibly himself, and even then he might prefer to marry her without dating the old fashioned and debatebly purer way.) I am assuming that he does not do anything physical not even kiss or hold hands with the girlfriends. If a man wants to marry a woman who has never had a boyfriend does that mean he should never have a girlfriend (or does polygyny change that?)

If a man really likes a woman who has never had a boyfriend but she is still trying to decide if she is going to be his girlfriend or wife yet, is it OK for him to get a girlfriend without telling her but still expect her not to get a boyfriend if she i…


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