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We’re coming up on a dilemma of sorts, and aren’t sure how to handle it. We’re hoping that others may have some insight or experience.

Sw is due in December with her first child, and hubby would like to be able to take off of work, but isn’t really sure how. Now, I think most of us know that babies come when they’re good and ready, and timing that is quite difficult. It’s also not preferable to induce simply for the benefit of timing vacation (though we have done that before as well).

Hubby wants to be able to take off of work, but if he calls in sick he has to have a doctor’s note or it’s an unexcused absence. He’s only allowed 3 UE’s per 6 mos, so it doesn’t leave much wiggle room. Everyone knows he’s married with 6 kids, and I’m due next summer, so it’s not like he can just say ‘my wife’s having a baby can I go home?’ without someone raising eyebrows. His brother works there too, so keeping it quiet could be difficult.

So other than inducing the baby, what other options are there to help him get around some of these things? What have you all done in your experience, how have you handled these things? Any tips?

Another thought, we’re both interested in the same midwife center (it’s the only one in any reasonable distance), but we’re concerned that they’ll notice that it’s the same father… and might get suspicious. So we’re not really sure how to handle that.


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