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In Numbers chapter 12 Moses had taken a second wife and drew criticism from his sister and brother; Miriam and Aaron.

Last consideration we extracted some thoughts from the passage as follows;
1. Should we be so brave to stand for polygyny, let alone live it, then family might be the first to react against us. The “heat” will come from those closest to us and this can be intolerable. Lose family for truth and real love, no thanks.

2. Miriam and Aaron were not insignificant in the assembly and so our next area of tribulation might be found in our church fellowship. Praise the Lord for Biblical Families providing the means whereby we can join together in this truth because doors might close if our beliefs are found out and trust me friends, we cannot hide truth. Our views will be discovered and broadcast by fair means or foul.

3. No matter what the truth revealed to us, our response is to stand for it despite the possibilities of 1 & 2 above. We let the Lord deal with our opponents and our family. Staying to the qualities of Col.3:12-17 can be difficult when we might be labeled anything but Christian by those closest to us.

4. Since Moses; the great deliverer and prophet who anticipated our Lord, had more than one wife and was very close to God, we can safely conclude that the typical use of 1Tim.3 and Titus 1 has to be rejected. How can God insist that a deacon have “only” one wife, when Moses, so much higher in stature in the assembly of Israel, was polygynous? One of our great Bible study principles is to “compare spiritual with spiritual”. But I have found sound Bible exegesis is thrown out the window when the word polygamy hits the ears.

There is another important matter we can bring forth from Numbers 12 and it leaps off the page as a prefatory lesson for us all.
And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had taken. For he had taken a Cushite woman.
And they said, Has Jehovah indeed spoken only by Moses? Has He not also spoken b…


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