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No Kids

A lot of folks here seem way younger than my wife and I (50 & 56 respectively). The woman I am considering is also our age (57). There would be no minor children involved. My wife and I have been married 17 years and T, the woman I am thinking about has never been married or had children. I dated her in college (we both believed in and practiced chastity) and I broke off the relationship after I returned from a brief stint in SE Asia in ’72. I came back with my head really messed up and eventually dropped out of school. I reconnected with her recently. One of the things she said to me was that I was the only guy she had ever considered marrying. Wow – that was a pretty heavy load to accept. At this point I’m not even sure if she’d have an interest in getting married and I haven’t ever discussed PM with her. I do know she is a strong Christian. If my first wife and T were in agreement, I would add her to our family in a heartbeat.

I’d like some feedback about whether folks think this would still be within the Biblical purpose behind PM since we would be unlikely to have kids to rear. I have grandkids that I adore, But I’m not sure I’d even want to start raising another infant. :?


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