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Let’s see where do I start…my head is still a spinnin’

As of about a couple days ago if you had asked me if Polygyny was Biblical, I probably would have told you you were crazy. I was convinced that it was strictly an Old Testament thing (‘er except for those 1 Timothy 3:2, 12 et al. passages that I could never quite digest…).

A couple of days ago the Lord gave me a vision that is emblazoned in my head (more on that later) that I am convicted to mean that I will take headship over a large poly family. Um. Wow. The vision was not at all sexual in nature, in fact it felt more pure than anything I have experienced before, but the vision has persisted as clearly as a high resolution photo in my hand. After some prayerful research, I have confirmed the basis of the vision with scripture. I sort of spilled the beans about the vision to my wife during some intimate time (big mistake) and she was completely clueless to it all. After I peeled her off the ceiling, we talked about it and, while I don’t think she is fully onboard, I can see that she trusts the validity of the vision and obediently honors my headship. Next steps…next steps…

I am a reformed Christian (TULIP, solas, etc.) and my family and I attend a small family-integrated church. I am 40 and a native to, and resident of, Washington state. I am a Navy veteran (7 years). I have a beautiful wife of 17 years (my H.S. sweety) and we have a great marriage. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful boys (+1 on the way). We homeschool and spend a great deal of time as a family playing games, going to organic farms, camping, oh and doing laundry (it never ends).

I am so happy to have found BFO and will support in any way I can. Nice to be here. This is both a new and wonderful place to be. The ways of God are good.


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